Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Kernels of Hope

May 3, 2018
Spring is here and it’s time to Grow again ! We do have farmers in the prairies just getting on to the land in many areas this weekend. Plans now turn into action! It’s the same for our Kernels of Hope project. We have some commitments of real farmers across the [...]

The Children of Moldova

Moldova is the European country that no one’s ever heard of, nestled between Romania and the Ukraine. It’s also the poorest country in Europe.?According to statistics announced in a?BBC News report, one in six adults in the Republic of Moldova has left to work abroad. About 100,000 children grow up without at least one of [...]

Broken Arrow Youth Ranch

Christ the Solid Rock Ministries and in particular Broken Arrow Youth Ranch was created to minister to families in distress. Adults overwhelmed with personal issues find it extremely difficult to properly care for their children. Sadly what often prevents adults from going for help is?- what do I do with my children?
When addictions or major [...]


Human trafficking is the second largest industry worldwide and the fastest growing, generating annual profits of $32 billion. The UN and human rights groups estimate that between 12 million and 27 million people are trafficked each year. An alarming statistic from UNICEF states that two children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation?an estimated 1.2 [...]