Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Women Ministries

All women of the church are considered part of Women Ministries.?This organization exists to advance God?s kingdom through women.?The work of the women in the church is often seen as a support role and it is that of course.?There are also times of fun and fellowship with events planned to help women come together in meaningful and instructive ways.

In recent years though, within the Covenant conference in Canada, women have taken a larger role in awareness of and support for initiatives of compassion, mercy, and justice.?From the earliest times of the Ladies Aide, Covenant women have supported the work of the conference, the Bible College, and missionary work throughout the world.?This continues to be the reason for our fund raising efforts but we are also taking opportunities to minister to the least and the lost.?Recent initiatives have been directed to Advocacy for Victims of Abuse and Human Trafficking.