Sunday, July 5, 2020

The snow is falling… start thinking about Camp!

The Covenant Heights Bible Camp
AGM is November 18 in Minnedosa, MB

Talk to Candice Nelson if you are interested in attending or carpooling.

This year we are looking for nominations for secretary.

Basic responsibilities include attending all meetings as able, record and maintain meeting minutes, and promoting Covenant Heights Bible Camp. The board meets twice a year face to face and 3-4 times a year via conference call. For a more detailed description of duties or to put your name forward for nomination, talk to Candice Nelson.

The current Camp Board consists of:

President – Gavin Jensen, Winnipeg
Vice President – Sean Dyck, Minnedosa
Secretary – Vacant
Vice Secretary – Sheldon Newberg, Norquay
Treasurer – Mike Westerhoud, Norquay